Kariery, English Carrier

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  1. Pieczonka Bogumił says:

    strona godna uwagi.wyszczegulniona rasa.ma Pan dosprzedania kariery szreki.pozdrawiam

  2. Sylwester Włodarski says:

    Czy Ma Pan Czarnego Samca na wydanie??

  3. Faisal BuHamad says:

    Dear Carrier friends,
    I am a carrier lover and breeder for a long time . I traveled to USA , Europe and other Arab country for carriers .
    long time ago the old style was o.k , but after the new idea came from Germany to go for the new looking carriers. John Heppner , was trying for long time to improve his carriers and I feel he was the best in the USA . I imported some of his birds and kept some of clair
    and that time the Europe breeding purely the old style which I do not like !
    Till some breeder in Germany came up with the idea to go for the new style . I was very
    happy with that idea .
    now we can see the Carrier is better in some country in Europe ,they look nice ,better head and beak . In Germany and Hungry we can see very nice carriers .
    Best regards .

  4. Nicolas Abboud says:

    Dear Mr. Jan,


    I reside at Beirut, Lebanon, and I am interested in purchasing the English Carriers, so kindly advise if you are selling, price, and will be able to deliver them to Beirut, Lebanon.

    Thanks and Best Regards,

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